Having a supportive guide with both personal and professional expertise by your side can significantly enhance your likelihood of success throughout your breastfeeding journey. Recognizing the opportune moments to reach out to such a specialist is crucial, whether it's for pre-birth preparation or to confidently manage critical breastfeeding moments postpartum.

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Elevate your breastfeeding journey through our Virtual Breastfeeding Meeting – a personalized experience where certified specialists provide tailored information, techniques, and strategies, ensuring your success. Book now to connect, learn, and receive ongoing support.

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When you're ready to connect with a certified breastfeeding specialist, simply schedule your virtual meeting—it's a quick and easy process that only takes a few minutes to secure your spot on our calendar.

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Once your virtual meeting is scheduled, expect email and text reminders with Zoom session details. Ensure you join a few minutes before the scheduled start time; you'll be placed in a waiting room until your session commences.

Unlock Success with Tailored Information

During the meeting, you and the breastfeeding specialist will establish a connection and discuss your specific concerns and needs. You'll receive valuable information, techniques, and strategies to enhance your breastfeeding journey, with our specialists using tools and props for clarity. Post-meeting, a detailed email will summarize the discussion, providing helpful links, infographics, and a follow-up link to schedule your next session and to leave a review.

Client Virtual Meeting Testimonies


Angela Eadie

Sterling was a true gem to work with! She was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful with all of her advice and suggestions, including her follow email with all of the resources and links about what we discussed. She had first-hand knowledge on breastfeeding as she breast fed her 3 children and she was kind and compassionate in her approach. A pleasure to work with. I particularly loved that the session was virtual, and I am not located in GA. I absolutely recommend a session with Sterling, whether in-person or virtual if you have any questions or concerns about your breast feeding journey!

Ashianna Jones

Listen! Sterling is amazingggg! Our meeting was virtual, which at first I was hesitant to book because I thought I needed face to face assistance, but I was wrong! I am so glad I proceeded with booking with her! Talking with Sterling felt like we known each other for a long time! She is very knowledgeable and very professional! Not only did she provide me with the knowledge and the tools I needed to continue with my breastfeeding journey, but she also gave me the emotional reassurance that I needed! Thanks again! I look forward to working with her again! 10/10 recommend!

Malika Abdujabbarova

I am a first time mom and didn’t know much about breastfeeding, so I obviously had some difficulties along the way. I am from Uzbekistan, and here people don’t really offer these kind of appointments, they just go with the flow. Since I needed advice and had a lot of unanswered questions, I started looking around Instagram and came along Loyal Lactation, so I booked an appointment so that I could get some answers and tips on how to increase my milk supply and how to get my twin boys to exclusively breastfeed. I got some great advice from Sterling, and had all my questions answered and learned a lot of things I didn’t know about breastfeeding and already begun using the tips she gave me, hopefully I will, and I believe I will achieve my goal. Not only was Sterling professional, but she was also really nice and I really liked her vibe and personality. So, thank you Sterling very much for everything😊

Elise Stanley

Sterling is Absolutely Amazing! After following her on Instagram and utilizing some of her tips, I decided to book her Virtual Latched & Loaded Meeting. What an investment in my breastfeeding journey! Just when I thought I was ready to end attempting to breastfeed I was EMPOWERED and given the tools needed to continue! I will be forever grateful!


We have the answers!

Do you take insurance?

We do not currently take insurance, but we are expecting to begin taking insurance by the start of 2025.

How long is a virtual meeting?

A virtual meeting is 60 minutes in length.

When can I book a virtual meeting?

You can book a virtual meeting at any time, but visits can only be scheduled 4 hours in advance.

What time do virtual meetings take place?

Virtual meetings take place on Wednesdays between the hours of 9am - 4pm.

Do you help with weaning?

Yes, we help with mothers with weaning.

Do you help with pumping?

Yes, we help mothers with pumping.

Do you help with bottle refusal?

Yes, we help with bottle refusal as well.

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