The Golden Bow Breastfeeding Walk:

A Journey of Empowerment and Growth

In 2018, Sterling Grey-Simmons, a certified breastfeeding specialist and full spectrum doula, embarked on a mission to advocate for breastfeeding nationwide. Alongside her husband, they envisioned an event that would not only celebrate breastfeeding but also provide invaluable resources to mothers and families. Thus, the Golden Bow Breastfeeding Walk was born.

Inception - 2018:

Since about 2016, Sterling Grey-Simmons had the idea of putting together a breastfeeding awareness walk. It was an idea that was never before seen anywhere in the world. She wanted to create an event for new and expecting Moms to come together along their journey becase when she was breastfeeding she felt alone. Uncertain about how to bring the idea in her head to life she sat on the it as if it were only a dream.

But, one day in 2018 sitting at home talking with her husband she mentioned the idea once more. They sat down and made a powerpoint presentation laying out what would become the Golden Bow Breastfeeding Awareness Walk.

Sterling Grey-Simmons, fueled by her passion for supporting mothers, set the foundation for what would become an annual celebration of maternity, health, and empowerment. The inaugural event was a modest affair with just 8 vendors and approximately 25 attendees.

Postponement and Resilience - 2020-2021:

The resilience of the event shone through in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic forced a temporary pause. Undeterred, the organizers postponed the walk until 2021, ensuring the safety of participants while preserving the spirit of the event.

Growth and Recognition - 2021 Onward:

The walk returned stronger than ever in 2021, during the last week of August, coinciding with Black Breastfeeding Week. The impact of the Golden Bow Breastfeeding Walk began to resonate far and wide. Notably, thousands of dollars in corporate and local sponsorships poured in, underscoring the growing recognition of its significance. In 2021, we were able to increase our registrants to almost 100 with about 45-50 attendees.

Corporate and Local Partnerships - A Show of Support:

Organizations such as Sister Song, AmeriGroup, Dr. Brown's, Care Source, Morehouse School of Medicine, Legendary Milk, Hakaah, and many more, rallied behind the cause. Their support extended beyond monetary contributions; they provided essential products for mothers, babies, and families. The list of sponsors reads like a who's who in the maternal and child health space, with each organization contributing to the success of the Golden Bow Breastfeeding Walk.

Empowering Families - Giveaways and Raffles:

Mothers and families eagerly anticipate the walk, not just for its empowering atmosphere but for the incredible giveaways and raffles. From renowned brands like Sarah Wells, Earth Mama, Boppy, and Tummy Tape to emerging names like Pippy Sips and Zoey, the products provided cater to the diverse needs of breastfeeding mothers. The generosity of these sponsors enables mothers to access vital products without the financial burden, creating a sense of community and shared support.

Looking Forward - 2024 and Beyond:

As we step into 2024, the Golden Bow Breastfeeding Walk stands as a testament to the power of community, advocacy, and resilience. Sterling Grey-Simmons' vision has not only grown but thrived, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of countless mothers and families. The journey continues, promising even greater strides in education, empowerment, and inspiration for years to come.

Be a Catalyst for Breastfeeding Empowerment: Join Us as a Sponsor or Vendor for the Golden Bow Breastfeeding Walk!

Are you passionate about supporting mothers, families, and the empowerment of communities? Elevate your impact by becoming a valued sponsor or vendor at the Golden Bow Breastfeeding Walk! Your partnership not only positions your brand at the forefront of a meaningful cause but also contributes to a day of education, empowerment, and inspiration. Let's collaborate to make a lasting difference. Send us a message today to explore sponsorship and vendor opportunities!

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